Funny Buddies




"Porter Pirate, Sam Muscleman, Abigail Pigtails …, my very own crew of funny buddies !"


*1 metal box (185 x 245 x 55 mm) with inserts.

*117 colored magnets.

*6 large scene sheets (size: 210 x 170 mm) printed in color on both sides.

(2 neutral backgrounds and 10 backgrounds with scaled models.)

*6 small sized cards (size: 105 x 85 mm) printed in color on both sides, 12 Funny Buddy models.

exemple Funny Buddies black woman Magnetic Land                                       exemple Magnetic Land Funny Buddies running white woman

The +

Designed specifically for the very young. Large scene sheets and magnets. A large variety of different models drawn to scale .

Pieces you can overlay.

Age 3+

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