Lilly in Paris




“Cute and trendy … I’m Lilly and I love dressing up and changing hairstyle when I visit Paris!”


*1 metal box (size : 267 x 267 x 57 mm) with inserts.

*64 colored magnets.

*8 scene sheets (size : 210 x 170 mm) printed in color on both sides (8 Paris scenes and 8 Paris scenes featuring Lilly with scaled models).

*8 cards (size : 105 x 85 mm) printed in color on both sides (16 Lilly models).

exemple Lilly in Paris Magnetic Land                                      Magnetic Land Lilly in Paris exemple 2

The +

Simple to assemble elements. Lots of different combinations to create your own look and accessorize Lilly.

Pieces you can overlay.

Age 4+

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