SEPP Jeux : about us

From your ideas to our knowledge

 With more than I 000 000 products sold each year, SEPP is the French expert in manufacturing magnetic objects and surfaces along with drywipe whiteboards.

Thanks to its innovation and versatile and high performance production tools, SEPP is actively involved in its customers' development projects, from conception to the manufacturing of the product.

As a result of 25 years of experience, SEPP is renowned for its customized writing boards, magnetic shapes made from a variety of materials and educational and creative games including the famous IOTOBO game Thanks to its Qualipem certification (Quality referencing system, based on ISO 9002 standards) SEPP ensures the utmost quality.

SEPP offers a great variety of different products to meet everyone’s needs (MAGNETIC LAND, IOTOBO, ART AND GAME).

We are ready and willing to consult with you regarding your customized projects.

Please contact SEPP regarding your ideas, needs or questions and we will provide you with the same quality services our international customers such as SIC and Hachette, as well as our many game and promotional items distributors have come to expect